HELLA 329394101 Coolant 1:7 Conc. 1ltr Green

Part Number - 329.394-101

MRP : Rs 305/-



  • Based on New Generation Hybrid Mono and Di basic Alphatic O.A.T Carboxylate for full protection of Cast Aluminum Engines and Radiators.
  • Use of high quality prism polymer based Antiscalant, Antioxidants, Antifoamers, stabilizers and green fluorescent green dye.
  • Excellent cooling, corrosion protection, anti scale, anti foam.
  • Guranteed corrosion protection for all metals & safe for rubber hoses and engine parts.
  • Long drain period due to low depletion rate of additives.
  • Superior corrosion and rust protection leading to reduced maintainance.
  • Expiry Date :- 2years from manufacture date.